Colour Assisted Learning Methods


About CALM

Colour Assisted Learning Methods (CALM) Ltd is run by a GOC registered Dispensing Optician with twenty years experience, who is a member of the International Institute of Colorimetry and a certified Irlen screener.
Other professional interests include being an examiner for The Worshipful Company Of Spectacle Makers.

Welcome to CALM

Current research suggests that Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome renamed, Meares-Irlen syndrome affects up to 20% of the general population, including gifted students and good readers.

The symptoms of visual stress (Meares-Irlen syndrome) are:-

Visual stress is not the same as dyslexia although it is more common in those who are dyslexic.
Colour Assisted Learning Methods (CALM) Ltd is dedicated to helping both sufferers of Meares-Irlen syndrome and visual stress.
(CALM) has a full spectrum of tools available whether it be overlays from the Institute of Optometry, Cerium Technologies and the Irlen Institute, an intuitive colorimeter and the ReadEZ computer software. So whether your requirement is for spectacle filters, overlays or monitor background assistance (CALM) is fully equipped to cover any eventuality.

The colour required to achieve optimum relief varies between individuals and may change over time.

Before (CALM) can be of assistance, a full Ophthalmic eye examination must be carried out prior to any consultation.

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